Are You Ready for Change?

If you’re tired of just talking about your struggles without any real navigation on how to change them, this therapy might be the right fit for you. Talking about our pain is so important, but establishing concrete ways to alleviate it is too.

Meet Dana

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with five years of experience working with individuals in a community mental health setting here in Pittsburgh. I am also a certified sexual assault counselor in the State of Pennsylvania. I have worked with individuals with a wide variety of experiences, including dysfunctional family dynamics, relationship struggles, self-esteem, trauma, depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, personality disorders, and substance-use disorders.

In addition to providing individual therapy, I have facilitated several group therapies including structured Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skills groups.

It has been my greatest honor working with my clients, and I utilize all of my experience to provide effective and personalized treatments. Each person’s life is unique and your treatment should reflect that.