Events and Activities

Door Prize Drawing: Everyone who attends the RG will receive a ticket for the door prize drawing. For every hour you volunteer to help at the RG, you will be given an additional ticket. Some tournaments will offer an additional ticket for winning the tournament. The door prize drawing will take place at the brunch on Monday. You do not have to be present to win! The first place prize is a free registration for the next WPAM Regional Gathering. Additional prizes will be announced at the RG.

Tsundoku- (tsoon-Doh-koo) is an informal Japanese word, describing the state of having so many books, usually unread, that they pile up on your shelves, floor, nightstand, car seat, or anywhere else you can find room. If you suffer from this condition, then come to the Book Sale at the Pittsburgh RG!  We can help!  We can either accept your books to sell to others with this disorder, or we can sell you more to feed your addiction.  Your choice! Proceeds benefit the WPAM scholarship fund. In the meantime, contact Lora Mitchell at for information.

A Silent Auction will be held to benefit the WPAM scholarship fund. Items will be displayed and bidding will take place in the Pittsburgh Room. Winners will be announced and items awarded on Sunday evening.

Just One is a cooperative party game. In each round of the game, players write down a one word clue for the round’s guesser, who must figure out the secret word for the round.

Tough Trivia: Gather up your best group of random knowledge friends and claim the title of Trivia Champion! Challenging categories may include Art and Literature, Film and TV, Geography, History and Legend, Music, Science and Nature, Life and Leisure, and Sports.

Gifted Youth Movie: An age-appropriate movie will be shown.

Beer, Wine, and Mead: Mensa Means sharing!  Bring an adult beverage (or 3) and be prepared to introduce your libation, and let people try it!  (Yes, cups are provided!)  This is a great opportunity to taste a new beverage without the commitment of a 6 pack.  You’re encouraged to bring something special, something connected to the RG theme, or something unique to your home.

Cards Against Humanity – “A game for horrible people” is like Apples to Apples if the apples are rotten.  Due to the adult nature of the game, participants must be age 18 or over.

Dominion Tournament:

Gifted Youth Craft Corner: Craft supplies will be available in a corner of the games room on Saturday and Sunday for the young and young at heart to show their creative side.

Lego Contest: Gifted youth are invited to create something with the Legos that will be available in the Gifted Youth Craft Corner. Participants are asked to have a picture taken of their creation and emailed to Sue Spade at Categories for judging will be posted in the Craft Corner.

Mime and Juggling Presentations/Workshops: David Krohn will be conducting two presentations, one featuring mime and the other featuring juggling. He is NOT a SILENT mime.  He uses mime, theater and dance techniques to become a