Regional Gathering

Where All the Cool Kids
Hang Out

The Western Pennsylvania Area Mensa Regional Gathering is four days and three nights of food, speakers, tournaments, crafts, karaoke, and more!
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2020 RG Update

Greetings to WPAM members and friends.

I need to inform you that the WPAM ExCom has decided to cancel the WPAM 2020 RG. I heartily endorse this decision. There were many good reasons for this decision. Suffice it to say that if we decided to cancel the RG and it turned out to be the wrong decision we would miss out on a good time; if we decided to hold the RG and it turned out to be the wrong decision there could be significant problems for WPAM and, most importantly, its members and friends.

Marriott has graciously allowed us to postpone the 2020 RG at no charge. We postponed to Labor Day weekend 2021, so officially we have postponed, not cancelled.

If you have paid for a registration to the 2020 RG we will either refund your registration fee or hold your registration for 2021. The choice is yours. Please let me know what you decide by emailing me.

One more thing. I am storing materials and leftovers from the 2019 RG. Anyone running an official WPAM event is welcome to all of this. You can have the expendables and borrow the reusables. Expendables include beer, diet soda, cups, and plates. The reusables include bowls, chaffing dishes, puzzles, lots of board games, and a karaoke machine. Just let me know what you want and when.

See you at the RG in 2021! (and hopefully sooner.)

Robert F. Goldsmith, Ph.D.
RG Chair

What’s It all About?

In Mensa parlance, an RG is a Regional Gathering. Such gatherings are planned and hosted by a local Mensa group. There are many variations on the RG idea (e.g. mini RG, outdoor RG) but the typical type is held over a weekend at a hotel. They are usually held Friday afternoon or evening to Sunday morning or afternoon, though some groups have their RG over a holiday weekend, starting a day earlier or ending a day later. The number of attendees vary, with 100 – 150 being typical, but with a range of three dozen to over 500! Attendees are a mixture of members of the sponsoring group and Mensans who travel, sometimes great distances, to attend the RG.  Guests of members are also welcome. People can register for a single day or the whole weekend. The hosting hotel often has a special room rate for RG attendees. Staying on site is of course not required (though you might miss some of the fun.)

The RG schedule includes a variety of activities and events for the enjoyment of Mensans. These include games, tournaments, crafts, contests, and speakers, both serious and frivolous. There is usually more than one thing going on at a time, so attendees have a choice of how to spend their time. Some people just like to chat or play games. There are usually one or more major events, such as a dance or variety show. Fund raising for the local group’s scholarship fund is not unusual.

Snacks and refreshments are available in a hospitality suite. Some meals are often (but not always) included in the registration price.

Overall the event is an opportunity to meet and socialize with other Mensans. You can have your brain stimulated as little or as much as you’d like. RGs are popular because they are designed to be fun and interesting for Mensans.