2019 Regional Gathering

Western Pennsylvania Mensa presents

Kaleidoscope: The Ever-Changing RG

August 30 – September 2

Pittsburgh Marriott North

The WPAM RG Committee is very excited about our upcoming RG. We think we have a lot to appeal to Mensans and their guests. Here are some highlights.

Staff from the Pittsburgh Zoo will visit the RG on Saturday with live animals!

On the first evening, we will have a series of ice breakers and fun activities including an ice cream social and games, such as reverse charades. We will also be holding a beer, wine, and mead exchange. Bring your favorite adult beverage to let others have a taste.

On Saturday morning, your non-Mensan friends can take the Mensa test.

On Saturday evening, we will reprise Design your Own Trivia, which was a crowd pleaser last year. Those who participate will be placed in teams of five members. Two teams will compete in each round. Teams will prepare by coming up with five trivia questions. It’s alright to use electronic media to create the questions, and you can even prepare questions ahead of time (but keep them to yourself because you don’t know who will be on your team). The teams will alternate asking the other team questions. A point will be awarded for each correct answer. However, in each round one team will also be awarded a point by the audience for the team had the best questions, so making your questions too difficult, easy, or obscure could count against you.

In keeping with this year’s theme we will be holding a Most Colorful Costume Contest on Sunday evening. Wear a colorful outfit. Feel free to get carried away!

Jamie Fritz will again run her workshop on the Me Too movement entitled Us Too: A Workshop for Women. This was very well received last year. As the title indicates, this event is for females only.

We’ll have a photo booth with a backdrop and props.

You can take all the pictures you’d like!

We will be having game tournaments for:

  • Dominion
  • Encore/Scattergoires
  • Exploding Kittens
  • Double Deck Cancellation Hearts
  • Boggle
  • Salem
  • Quirkle
  • Cards Against Humanity

Plus an open game room ALL weekend

We will have youth activities, including:

  • Making wallets
  • Decorating cupcakes
  • Origami
  • Spirograph & Twirl a Paint
  • Pittsburgh Zoo show, everyone is welcome

but youth are encouraged to attend

We will also have a wide selection of speakers

and activities, including:

  • Karaoke
  • Being happy all the time
  • Gardening
  • Science and spirituality
  • Knitting
  • Meet the RVC
  • Photography 101 in the digital age
  • Investments
  • Stories of meeting astronauts
  • Being AMC chair
  • Geology
  • Cemeteries
  • Qigong
  • Inclusion
  • Energy playground

Check out our food offerings in the Menu section!!!

We have some spectacular prizes for the Silent Auction, including gift baskets and tickets to the symphony, museum, and zoo.

Everyone who comes to the WPAM RG will receive a door prize drawing ticket in their registration packet. The first prize is a free registration for the 2020 WPAM RG. Additional tickets may be earned by volunteering to help at the RG.

We encourage all RG attendees to help the RG committee protect the Earth by reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Some of the things we were hoping to do along these lines are not feasible, but we are going to do the best we can.

We hope to see you there!