Curious. Different. Friendly.

It’s What Drives Us

Western Pennsylvania Area Mensa is the local chapter of the American Mensa organization. Founded in 1964 it continues to thrive and grow with over 600 members. We’re an eclectic group of diverse individuals with a common thread of a love to learn driven by a constant curiosity.

There’s something for everyone

Our local calendar fills up fast with regular weekly get together’s and unexpected new events planned by members.

Monkeying Around

game nights

Come and Be Board

We take our game playing seriously here…well, sort of. We love a good get together and spontaneous game nights will pop up on the calendar for all who are interested in attending. Good food and good fun all in good sportsmanship.


it's not about lemons

It's About Camaraderie

Lemongrowers is a long standing tradition here at WPAM. Weekly gatherings at different area restaurants have been going on for over 30 years now. Named for its distinctive decoration of lemons placed on a table so newcomers could easily identify the group. Topics up for discussion can vary…it’s a no holds barred atmosphere where wisecracks, whit, and opinions can fly. All in good fun!

Planned Outings

you never know what to expect

Any Way The Wind Blows

Members have the ability to plan events and it’s limited only by our imaginations. Scavenger hunts, museum visits, Phipps Conservatory, bike rides, escape rooms, and happy hours are just a few of what’s been done. Let the good times roll.

Goddin Party

it only sounds fancy

Kick Back and Enjoy the Food

Some backyard fun…with a twist.

Elk Viewing

yeah, it's a thing

And It's Seriously Cool

A fall trip to Benezette, Pa. is well worth the effort to see these majestic creatures up close and personal. The trees are alive with colors and the wapiti bulls are on the move and bugling.


also known as the regional gathering

What happens at the RG...

This is 4 days of everything M all rolled into one big weekend. Gaming, guest speakers, silent auctions, workshops, and other hoot’nanny.

That’s just what’s happening at WPAM

There’s more!

National events and member benefits.

Mensa for Kids

benefits for gifted youth

Reaching Out

Mensa has full-time staff who support Young Mensans and their families. We invite you to explore what Mensa offers gifted youth and see how becoming a part of the Mensa family can benefit your child.

Culture Quest

love trivia?

Don't Miss This!

From film to politics, from literature to geography and from music to history, Mensan teams of up to five members gather in their neighborhoods on a single day across the U.S. and Canada and, for 90 minutes, compete for cash prizes and cultural literacy bragging rights.

Mensa Bulletin

have something to say?

Members Can Contribute

The Mensa Bulletin is the national magazine for members of American Mensa, published 10 times a year and included with your membership dues.

In addition to the member-generated content and photos, each issue includes a “question of the month” in which we ask members to share their thoughts (in 250 words or less) about a general-interest topic.

Research Journal

scholarly articles

Award Winning

The Mensa Research Journal highlights scholarly articles and recent research related to intelligence from a diverse selection of nationally and internationally esteemed authors. The MRJ is published a minimum of three times a year, with each issue focused on a chosen theme.

Special Interest Groups

hang out...

With Like Minded People

Mensa has always encouraged members to congregate around their special interests. Official recognition of Mensa’s special interest groups began on Sept. 13, 1965, when the first two SIGs were recognized: The Gifted Children Study Group and the Mensa Investment Club.


service of information, guidance and hospitality to travelers


SIGHT makes it easier for Mensa members to enjoy the company and hospitality of other Mensans across the United States and throughout more than 40 other countries. No matter where your travels take you.

Stay Curious


You know you are.

Sweater Vests and Calculators Are Not Required