Events and Activities

We’ll have a photo booth with a backdrop and props. You can take all the pictures you’d like!

We’ll have a wide selection of speakers and activities, including:
• Toastmasters: Your Path to Speaking with Confidence
• The Brain Benefits of Crafts and Hobbies (It’s Not What You Think!)
• The upcoming book Good Cop: The Police Work that Derailed a Monster, presented by the author.
• My Life and Glorious 38 Year Army Career

We will have tournaments and scheduled games for:
• Dominion
• Carcasone
• Mah Jong
• Scrabble
• Double Deck Cancellation Hearts
• Mexican Train Dominoes
• The Conspiracy Theory Game
• Ticket to Ride
• Wizard
• True Greed

Plus an open game room ALL weekend!

We will have workshops on:
• Mime
• Juggling
• Mah Jong

We will have a book and CD sale. Please bring any books or CDs you would like to donate. We will also have a silent auction. Both will benefit the WPAM scholarship fund.

We will show a movie every evening.

We will have activities of particular interest to youth.

On Friday evening, we will have a series of ice breakers and fun activities. We will have an ice cream social and hold a beer, wine, and mead exchange. Bring your favorite adult beverage to let others have a taste.

On Saturday morning, your non-Mensan friends can take the Mensa test.

On Saturday evening, we will reprise Design your Own Trivia, which was a crowd pleaser in previous years. Those who participate will be placed in teams of five members. Two teams will compete in each round. Teams will prepare by coming up with five trivia questions. It’s alright to use electronic media to create the questions, and you can even prepare questions ahead of time (but keep them to yourself because you don’t know who will be on your team). Then each will alternate asking another team questions. A point will be awarded for each correct answer. However, in each round one team will also be awarded a point by the audience for the team that had the best questions, so making your questions too difficult, easy, or obscure could count against you.

On Saturday evening we will have Karaoke.

On Sunday Staff from the Pittsburgh Zoo will visit the RG with live animals!

On Sunday evening we will hold a Speakeasy that will include dancing to live music.

Everyone who comes to the WPAM RG will receive a door prize drawing ticket in their registration packet. Additional tickets may be earned by volunteering to help at the RG. We have spectacular door prizes, including a free registration for next year’s WPAM RG.