WPAM RG Role Descriptions


Role Descriptions

All members of the RG Committee need strong:

  • Oral and Written Communications skills
  • Conscientiousness
  • Integrity
  • Judgment and common sense

Committee members also need effective delegation and planning and organizing skills, as well as knowledge of use of email and social media, though the degree needed of these may vary by specific role.

Individuals in the roles described below may delegate their responsibilities with the understanding that they are ultimately responsible for their areas.

An individual on the Committee may take on more than one role, but this should be done with extreme caution.

RG Chair

  • Select the members of the RG Committee
  • Participate in hotel selection and negotiations
  • Oversee and coordinate the activities of the Committee members
  • Communicate with, and provide updates to, the Committee members
  • Facilitate consensus on plans, decisions, and goals
  • Gather the components of the RG schedule; develop and update the Master Schedule
  • Establish and monitor progress towards deadlines, milestones, and goals
  • Document and share with the Committee the issues raised and decisions made at RG Committee meetings
  • Delegate the planning and execution of Special Events
  • During the RG, monitor activities and deal with problems; ensure all attendees have a good time

Hotel Liaison

  • Participate in hotel selection and negotiations
  • Manage and monitor hotel and WPAM adherence to hotel contract
  • Act as point of contact for the hotel
  • If meals are approved by the RG Committee, work with hospitality chair to select meals and contact hotel with decision, time, and head count.


  • Track and communicate all expenditures and revenue
  • Monitor planned versus actual financial activity
  • Ensure funds are secure and deposited appropriately


  • Arrange to have an ad placed in the Bulletin
  • Place monthly ads in the Phoenix
  • Develop and maintain an online media presence
  • Place ads in Region 3 newsletters
  • Create and send email blasts
  • Produce flyers and arrange for them to be distributed at Region 3 events, the Annual Gathering, and other appropriate Mensa events
  • Photograph and video the RG


  • Ensure online registration is up-to-date and user friendly
  • Receive mailed registrations
  • Track and report registrations on a regular basis
  • Give registration funds to the Treasurer on a regular basis
  • Ensure the registration desk at the RG is set up and staffed


  • Based on registrations and past history, project needed supplies, food, snacks, soft drinks, and hard drinks
  • Ensure above are purchased in as cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner as possible
  • Borrow or purchase equipment as needed
  • Set up and break down hospitality suite
  • Ensure consumables are available as needed
  • Ensure hospitality suite is staffed


  • Recruit speakers
  • Identify and schedule field trips and other off-site activities
  • Draft a speaker schedule based on speaker needs; submit to RG Chair
  • Schedule host/hostess for each speaker
  • Ensure speaker rooms are set up, equipped, and cleaned up

Games and Tournaments

  • Ensure a variety of games and puzzles are available at the RG
  • Plan and staff tournaments; submit a draft schedule to the RG Chair
  • Announce tournament winners at the RG Closing
  • Set up and break down the games and tournaments areas


  • Ensure all fund raising activities are scheduled, staffed, set up, and broken down, and that materials are available (e.g. book sale books, items to auction)
  • Submit draft schedule to the RG Chair
  • Keep funds secure and provide them to the Treasurer


  • Provide signage to guide attendees to registration, hospitality, and event rooms
  • Create and/or obtain registration materials and provide them to the onsite registration desk
    • Name tags
    • Name tag holders
    • Bags
    • Schedules
    • Other, as needed, e.g. ice breaker, candy

Protector of the Earth

  • Ensure reasonable effort is made to reduce, reuse, and recycle
  • Publicize efforts to reduce, reuse, and recycle
  • Ensure recycling bins are available in hospitality and event rooms, and are used

Protector of the People

  • Ensure the RG is secure and safe
  • Respond to potential or actual security and safety emergencies
  • Video potential or actual emergencies when appropriate

Volunteer Coordinator

  • Identify volunteer needs of the other Committee members
  • Create a volunteer schedule
  • Advertise the needs and incentives for volunteers, both before and during the RG; liaison with Publicity
  • Persuade attendees to volunteer

Gifted Youth

  • Identify the level of need for youth activities
  • Ensure games and activities are available to youth of various age groups
  • Advertise gifted youth activities; liaison with Publicity
  • Organize and staff gifted youth activities
  • Provide a draft schedule of gifted youth activities to the RG Chair

Decisions that will be made by consensus of the RG Committee:

  • RG theme
  • RG hotel
  • Registration prices
  • Miscellaneous expenditures
  • Selecting key activities of the RG
  • Decide how important issues will be positioned and conveyed, e.g. how meals/food will be described
  • Resolve important issues as needed
  • Schedule RG Committee meetings